Secrets and Strategies for Betting on eSports (Dota 2)

Technically, e-sports betting rates are not much different from bets on any other sport or event. After registering on the site, you need to deposit the appropriate amount into your virtual purse, then select the match and place a bet.

Sites of bookmaker offices are made extremely simple and intelligible, and to understand them is a matter of five minutes. Nevertheless, there are many of its features, secrets and pitfalls, which can become a hindrance to enrichment or at least just a pleasant pastime.

Bets on your favorite team or favorite player

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A fairly common misconception both among beginners and experienced betters is to bet on a team of players with whom you are personally acquainted, friends or on which you earned the last time. And even if the bookmaker coefficient in their favor - it would seem, it is not a sin to deliver. But to bet on your favorites, because you are sure that they will win, and bet on them because they are friends, acquaintances or you just like their logo - these are two big differences. As in many other cases, when you bet on a particular e-sports event, emotions will rather interfere than help.

Betting without proper experience

You're not going to sit in the car with an inexperienced driver and do not trust your life with a first-year medical student, do you? Well, why did you decide that it's a good idea to bet on some game that you hear about for the first time? You do not understand anything in Counter Strike, you heard about DotA 2 from the edge of your ear, but you recently went to StarCraft and you definitely want to put something on? Better put on the last option - you have at least a rough idea of ​​this game.

Empty talk about bets

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As soon as you start listening to meaningless trash on forums flooded with "internet experts" and "sofa experts" you lose power over your own behavior. People who know where to cut the jackpot, make bets silently. They say, as a rule, those who at best suggest. All the rest is just chatter, it should be missed by ears. In the same piggy bank we send "absolutely reliable information" about the contract matches. Players who actually prepare "contract", will be silent about this.
Break between the rates on vacation

Obvious advice, the importance of which can not be underestimated. At a certain stage, after a series of wins or losses, the human brain begins to lose criticality. You will start to feel that after a series of failures you will certainly win, or, on the contrary, feel yourself an unbeatable player. As soon as such thoughts start to creep into your head, as soon as you start talking about yourself as a "dowager of Fortune" and think about all sorts of signs and superstitions - it's time to stop. Betting on eSports is a hard intellectual work, you need to approach it with a fresh head. Do not worry, your game will wait for you, and "Mrs. Udachi" does not exist at all.

No "locomotives"!

A series of bets on one or several games in a row is called in the bookmakers' environment "express", or "locomotive". There is a persistent misconception that the only reliable way of earning at sports betting in general and eSports in particular is the application of such a strategy. Nevertheless, the professionals of the bookmaking business say that it is best to deal with a maximum of four bets at a time. A greater number of bets quickly kills in your brain the ability to take a critical view of the situation. As a result, too gambling people remain without a win and without money.

What kind of bookmaker's office?

Carefully choose the bookmaker's office, through which you will bet. E-sports is rapidly gaining popularity, but hand in hand with it go and scammers. The most skillful of them publish some obscure statistics, an analyst abusing specialized terms, and blind players with high coefficients and seductive bonuses. Take the trouble to find the license of this bookmaker's office - it must be posted directly on the site. In addition, be sure to note whether more or less well-known and authoritative payment systems work with your bookmakers.


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