Dota 2:Which You did Not Know Yet !

Defense of the Ancients is a very popular, even cult game, in which millions of people like to play. Many donors know by heart the purchases and builds on their favorite heroes, and the tactics of fighting in any situation. But there are a lot of interesting facts that hide behind the mechanics and history of the game. More and more people are interested in dota 2 betting ?
Who invented DotA? Why is it so popular? We have prepared a little material, which collected a lot of facts that will help you learn about DotA much new. Did you know that DotA 2 paid as much as 2 pages in the Guinness Book of Records? Share your facts and knowledge about the game can be in the comments.

The initial for DotA was Aeon of Strife (author Gunner_4_ever) for Starcraft, where the idea of ​​3 lines, heroes, and creeps under the control of AI was already realized. With the release of Warcraft III, the moderator, under the nickname Eul, moved the idea of ​​AoS to the WC3 engine. It was he who came up with the name Defense of the Ancients. When he was tired of working on the map, he laid out the source code in free access and disappeared. After the release of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne and many clones of the original DotA, a new spiral of development began.

The Future of DotA and MOBA as a Genre

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In 2009, Valve hired IceFrog and started work on DotA 2. And Already in 2011, applications for participation in the PTA began, and in 2013 the official release of the game was held and it was possible to start playing completely free of charge.

Guinsoo went the other way - he became one of the employees of Riot Games and one of the main designers of the League of Legends. And his name received items from the original DotA and LoL.

In 2012, Blizzard Entertainment sued Valve because of the brand of the game "Defense of the Ancients". The result of the dispute resolution was the fact that Valve has the right to use the name "DotA", and Blizzard "All-Stars". But later the game received a new name Heroes of the Storm, and a slightly different genre - "Hero Brawler"

Dota 2 In Pop Culture 2018
DotA 2 took two pages in the Gamersky edition of the Guinness Book of Records for 2014. They describe in-game and e-sports records.

DotA is famous for its community and good, and with a bad side. Players in many other games, especially in MMOs, like to play with friends in DotA 2 after raids or grind. The game was repeatedly criticized for the built-in voice chat in the game, as it is not always used by adequate people. In other popular MOVA and IMO, this idea was abandoned altogether.

And there are legends about the Russian-speaking community. Thousands of posts on foreign websites and complaints from foreign players on the toxicity, with the proposal to prohibit Russian-speaking gamers to play on other locales.

Also, players in DotA 2 spawned thousands of memes, which are used in other communities and games.


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