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How to start playing Dota 2: and is it worth it at all ?

In a nutshell about DotA
Who else did not know, Dota 2 is one of the coolest games of our time. She received all sorts of awards there, like "the best game on the PC" and something else that sounds, I thought, solid. It is also noteworthy that it is an e-sports discipline, and prize pools of tournaments sometimes reach several million dollars.

Definitely, there is an opinion that there is something special about this game. To play is worth at least for the sake of familiarizing with something large and meaningful. I tried, of course, more because of the stories of my boyfriend who have been accompanying me for about two years.

My overall impression of the game was positive, although I did not expect this. Interesting Dotu 2 do basically three things: the game happens to real people, you can choose a hero from a hundred with different abilities, a well thought out game world.

For me, a huge plus was that each character is individual, each has its own story, each has a beauti…

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