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At the main forum in the world of Reddit, discussions in the section dedicated to Dota 2 are not quenched. We traditionally gathered together the main topics for the week.


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The tournament weekend of the last week was taken by the Chinese minor MDL. CIS-teams entered the top four, but could not make it to the finals. And the champion of the tournament was OG, dispelling all doubts of skeptics about his game form. It seems to me that OG will surpass the expectations of many. They just ended up in the same region with Secret and Liquid, which are undoubtedly the best teams in the world.

· OG understands how to play your game. They may not win top or mid, but S4 will always find an opportunity for the farmer to give Morph a "swarm".

· Rodjer smeared with "stans" the whole game, and then got on three in the most important fight. And won!

· This may not be a very successful layout for Na'Vi. Teams will not be on Summit, CD4.0 and Galaxy Battles, and meanwhile OG, TNC, LFY will try to earn points.

· As an OG fan, I remember this nightmare with Kuku on PL. This guy is very stable, especially for the SEA scene. I can not believe that TNC has been playing the same cor pair for three years already.

· This is something that I do not like in VP. They are stubborn, they never learn. Maybe it's the absence of the captain, but in the important semifinal, instead of squealing something decent, they continue to take the characters to an early stage.

· And we congratulate Fly with the fact that he became the fifth player in the world, who earned 900 victories in his professional career. Three of the five players that have reached this mark, play in the OG.

· In the next patch Morph will have 250 speed, 0 armor and 29 base damage.

· OG was going to play - for the first time in a season I really felt it. I hope that in the other tournaments they will perform as much.

A bug or a bug in the Ability Draft

Last week, there was an entertaining story with the Ability Draft, which many players like. After one of the small patches in it added mechanics turbo-fashion - an increased amount of experience and gold, weakened towers and fast couriers. But it turned out that the players do not need it at all. As a result, after 23 hours the changes were rolled back with the wording "a bug was fixed".
· Please do not touch AD. It worked fine after the patch. You do not need to make it a fashion for the plebeians.

I used to play AD with my friends. And now AD - it's just a squeak hero with kerry-abilities and passives and get together in 16 minutes. This destroys all the creativity in the builds at the early stage and in the support.

· As a person who plays almost exclusively in AD, I can say that this broke the balance very much. First, you "randomize" the characters. The enemy team got the Dodgers with a distant attack, and there are no abilities that can resist them? You do not have the best position, but you can build a suitable assembly. Now your chances of winning are much lower. Secondly, the ability for pushing was already very strong. With the weakening of the towers, you can not stop the pressure if you do not choose a fast hero.


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